Our Story

This site was started out of a fascination of cool items that you don’t see everyday, that are innovative, helpful, or just a cool new thing that you must have. The knick Knacks can run the gamut here at freeknickknack.com. Hopefully you can find something that peaks your interest and will help to enrich your life (or your pets life, for that matter). The idea behind giving a free knick knack with every order is that it is our way to give back to our valued customers. It is fun since it will be a surprise that you can look forward to when your order arrives. Shopping is fun and this makes it even more fun, after all who doesn’t like getting a free surprise every once in awhile?  We offer free shipping to all United States shipping addresses so that everyone can find something of interest here, because after all who doesn’t enjoy being able to buy something cool every once in awhile.